Manage your microsites

Set up hundreds of websites in a few clicks for your clients or franchisees

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Locomotive SiteBuilder

Everything you need to support hundreds of microsites or niche websites

Microsites management

Get a quick overview of all your microsites. Update or add new ones from one single place.

White label solution

Use your own domain name and customize the SiteBuilder UI to match your logo and company colors.

Bundled Pricing

Take advantage of larger bundles to reduce costs

Your own themes

Develop your own theme blocks thanks to our SDK to meet your clients' requirements.

Access from your CRM/ERP

Call our API to create microsites from your in-house app. Automate the way you create them.

Secure by default

Serve your microsites with automatic SSL certificates. Never deal with the hassle of renewal again.

Perfect for many types of businesses


You want to offer a beautiful and easy to maintain site to each of your franchisees.

Marketing companies

You want to build microsites for small web presence and landing pages for PPC campaigns.

Online Services

Developing/hosting sites is not part of your core business but your clients ask for that functionality.


You have neither the time nor the dev team to develop a site builder but you need one to launch your new awesome project.